Instructions for modifying an MCG Pro grip to accommodate the 'MCG Pro Grip Upgrade Kit'

Tools required!

Make sure you have adequate tools to make the required cuts.

Suggested Tools:

  • A Dremel Rotary Tool,
  • Utility Knife,
  • Pliers,
  • A File or Sandpaper to smooth out the edges of the cut plastic.

Always exercise caution when cutting any material, and wear appropriate safety gear to protect your hands and fingers.

Please be aware that VKB North America cannot be held responsible for any damages or injuries that may occur as a result of customer-initiated product modifications.

I. Refer to this quick guide for accessing the MCG Pro grip internals.

II. Remove the original grip adapter from the MCG Pro grip before proceeding. 

III. Follow the information below to make the required cuts:

1) For the right half grip shell, follow the red marked shape carefully to cut and remove the first support strut. Do not cut the second strut; maintain its original half-round shape. Ensure that the first support strut is trimmed according to the specified measurements provided.


2) For the left half grip shell, carefully cut along the red marked shape to remove both the first and second support struts. Make sure to trim both the first and second support struts based on the specified measurements shown.



3) After making the correct cuts on the right half grip shell, the first support strut should have this appearance:


4) After making the correct cuts on the left half grip shell, both the first and second support struts should look like this:

IV. At this stage, the RevC connector should fit into the MCG Pro grip if properly prepared.

Refer to this video guide, starting from the saved timestamp, for instructions on installing the new grip adapter into the grip and closing it up again. Note that even though the video is intended for the MCG Ultimate grip, the installation procedure remains the same after the internal grip modification of the MCG Pro grip were done correctly.

If you need additional help, please open a support ticket, so we can involve VKB HQ support if needed.