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GNX SEM (Side Extension Module)

GNX SEM (Side Extension Module)

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GNX SEM (Side Extension Module)

Does not include USB to PC connection by default.

USB connectivity requires the installation of a GNX USB Controller (HID-Main) into the module, replacing the module's default GNX BUS Interface.


  • SEM
  • Plastic coupler
  • Type-C connector guard
  • Rubber pads
  • Plastic spacers
  • Interchangeable heads
  • Interchangeable detents
  • Internal "module-to-module" cable
  • Internal "module-to-joystick" cable
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • HEX Screwdriver
  • Stickers with protective film

Tabletop module

Can be attached side-by-side to:

    • Gladiator NXT/EVO joystick base (from either side)
    • Gladiator NXT EVO Omni Throttle (from the opposite side of the OTA elbow)
    • SEM modules (up to a total of 4 SEM modules)
    • THQ modules (up to a total of 4 THQ modules)


      • 1 Rotary switch
      • 2 Multi-function axes
      • 2 K-switches with central push button
      • 7 Push buttons
      • 8 Programmable, dual-color LEDs
      • Provides either a total of 24 logical buttons or 17 logical buttons and 2 analog axes (based on configuration)



        GNX Module-to-Module Interface Cable
          • Used when connecting/attaching GNX modules directly to a Gladiator NXT/EVO joystick or GNX module.


            Not included

              GNX USB Controller (HID-Main)
                • Required when connecting GNX Modules directly to the PC via USB cable.
                  • Required when the total amount of analog axes per GNX device combo exceeds eight; must be then directly connected to the PC via USB cable instead.
                    • 2 Years

                    Compatible with

                    • Gladiator NXT
                    • UCM Stronghold
                    • GNX USB Controller (HID-Main)


                    • GNX MFH (Multi-Functional Holder) in order to mount module



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                        Firmware Version Uploaded
                        Firmware for all VKB devices v2.16.5 Sep 10, 2023
                        Configuration Apps Version Uploaded
                        VKBDevCfg Device Configurator v0.92.88 Aug 28, 2023
                        VKB zBootloader v1.9654654 Aug 27, 2023
                        T-Link v0.75 Sep 19, 2023


                        Testing/Troubleshooting Apps
                        VKB Joy Tester
                        VKB Button Tester
                        VKB Show HID


                        Documentation Version Uploaded
                        NJoy32 Family Controllers
                        Configuration Utility – User Guide
                        v2.19 August 17, 2023


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