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Legacy: Gladiator Mk.II Upgrade Kit - Lite

Legacy: Gladiator Mk.II Upgrade Kit - Lite

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Gladiator Mk.II Upgrade Kit - Lite

This Upgrade Kit replaces the default KG12 assembly of the legacy Gladiator Mk.II with an aluminum shaft that supports swappable Gunfighter grips (Rev.B).


  • 1 Aluminum shaft with pre-installed brass bearings
  • 1 Connecting wire
  • 1 Locking pin
  • 1 Grip fastener
  • 1 Set of springs
  • 1 Hex key


  • 1 Year

Compatible Base

  • Gladiator Mk.II (non-Pro)
  • Not compatible with Gladiator NXT/EVO

Compatible Grips

  • All Gunfighter grips (Rev. B)



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      Firmware Version Uploaded
      Firmware for all VKB devices v2.12.2 Nov 29, 2022
      Configuration Apps Version Uploaded
      VKBDevCfg Device Configurator 0.92.51 Dec 12, 2022
      VKB zBootloader v2.1 Nov 23, 2022
      VKB T-Link v0.75 Oct 9, 2021


      Testing/Troubleshooting Apps
      VKB Joy Tester
      VKB Button Tester
      VKB Show HID



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